6 Feb 2016

Meet the 2 Travel Cheap Adventurers


Nic + Leigh - 2 Cheap Travellers
Well we're here. In Edinburgh. 16,901.03 kilometres from our home town (and most likely one true love) Melbourne...

And now we're leaving.

It's been 3.5 years, many thousands of kilometres travelled and new people met. Ox testicles have been munched, a balloon ride over the Serengeti, snowboarding Italian Alps style, stomping barefoot on Portuguese soil, inhaled dust in Black Rock City, viewed lights of the Northern kind, and played 'Gorillas in the Mist', a la Sigourney Weaver (aka. Dian Fossey).

We've traipsed, drunk, stumbled (bribed, we're not kidding... twice) and lost our way through 16 countries. 

A lot of the joy in travelling comes from the unknown. It's the diverse tastes, cultural quirks, smells and the unexpected that pops up along the way that often leads to the best of travel stories.

Oh, and there's nothing quite like a loo with a view (but more on that later).

First, we just want to make clear, no we're not millionaires... nor are we on a 6 figure household income. It comes down to knowing where and how you spend your money day to day. For example when it comes to saving for the next big adventures, we just live on pot noodles, and the odd citrus to keep the scurvy at bay... just kidding.

There's no need to go to extremes, and equally no reason why you can't make that dream trip happen. In our experience buying the flight, and sweating about it after often helps force you to save. Hey, everyone needs a goal right!?

Meet Jimmy. Jimmy's one of your bestest friends. You love Jimmy. You and Jimmy have been top mates for 10 years now, Jimmy still get's drunk and goes on about, 'one day I'm gonna,'. Don't be Jimmy...

Just travel smart.


It's not rocket science (or even biology). Put simply we research and plan, boy do we love to plan. 

It saves us money when travelling and allows us to maximise our travels and ensure we make the most of every hard saved penny.

There's a misconception that to travel on a budget, means you're a budget traveller. In our experience anyway, it doesn't necessarily make it so.

We'll leave the details to another day, but rest assured if you're keen to make the most of your money, maximise your travel adventures and truly believe you can't afford that new experience we're here to show you otherwise.

Make sure to follow us for our top tips for budget travel, ways to save money while travelling and find out how we managed to shave £8,000 off our initial £20,000 proposed 5 month long trip budget.

Or if you're just keen to watch us faff our way through 19 new countries (Mum) then stay tuned.

FYI - No more excuses Jimmy...

Make it so.

Nic + Leigh (The 2 Cheap Travellers)

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