10 Feb 2016

PART I: Budgeting + Saving


But do you really need it? 
Leigh with approximately 545,000.00 
Tanzanian Shillings, or $250 USD
You'll noticed we wrote BUDGETING and saving. Why? Well in our experience before you even begin to start saving for your next holiday or travel adventure you need to know what you've got to work with.

Makes sense right?

Saving for a trip is much like saving for anything else to be honest, and what we're suggesting is nothing new. 

So do you know how much of your pay goes towards needs such as bills, food, a roof over your head vs wants?

Before you get budgeting though remember, spreadsheets are your friend.



Write down how much you earn each week. If you're a couple, make sure to take this into account.

Volunteering through Oxfam meant we could go to the 
festivals we wanted, without the ticket expense


Note your fixed monthly expenses
  • Rent
  • Bills
  • Bus/Train/Tram passes
  • Gym etc...


You'll notice in STEP 2 we didn't list food. Why? We believe food is a flexi-expense, costing a varying amount each month. When it comes to our weekly grocery bill, we try to set ourselves challenges.

For example, can we feed ourselves on £30 per week? It turns out you can, and that's for a couple including lunches.

Any grocery funds left over at the end of the week go towards a Friday night bottle of wine or chippy.

Don't shop for convenience. Buy groceries at markets, local retailers or discount
Be smart with your weekly groceries and enjoy tapas 
in Nerja, on the southern coast of Spain instead
supermarkets like Lidl and DON'T buy pre-cut fruit and veg.


This is a big one and will save you a tonne of money (and time). Hearty soups, homemade pasta sauce and pre-marinating your own chicken is as great way to save both time and money. The added bonus? You also have something ready for dinner and aren't tempted to spend more buying take-out.


Say, as a couple, you earn £3000 per month, and 1/3 of your income is spent on basic living. That leaves £2000 left to play with, and of course you want a little breathing room, so perhaps give yourself and extra £20 per week to spend as you like. You could be saving £1920 per month.


Inevitably extra expenses crop up whether it be a friends birthday present or your phone breaks. We're not saying go without, we're just saying be smarter about it.

Why not buy a joint gift with other pals? If you're meeting them for drinks to celebrate have some pre-drinks at home first, take out the cash you're happy to spend and leave the plastic at home.

Do you really need the latest Samsung Galaxy, what's wrong with the one that came out a year ago (and is half the price)? Or buying secondhand? Ask a friend, they may even have a phone lying around that you can have.


We're sure you can see where we're going with this. When saving, it all comes down to budgeting, and once you know where you stand financially it's all about prioritising spending. It's about adjusting your habits and keeping your eye on the big goal... ADVENTURE!

Next time you think, "Hey, sweet TV..." ask yourself, "Do I really need this?"

Budgeting and saving are the first steps in the planning process and, you'll hear us say this a lot, PLANNING IS KEY.

Which brings us to planning, but we're pooped so that's a topic for another day.

Over and Out.


P.S we'd love to know any tips you have when saving for your next big adventure. Let us know in the comments.

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