1 May 2016

Day 2 - Paris Disney / Euro Disney

Visiting Euro Disney is an experience which may sound pricey but we booked early and through a local website, meaning we essentially bought two for one Disneyland Paris tickets. Cheaper tickets are also available on specific dates and times throughout the year. At the link above you'll find far more ticketing options available at a discounted rate, than you will on the Euro Disney site itself. Crazy, we know.

Other than purchasing your tickets in advance via Ticketmaster France (see link above) our other top tip is to make sure you stay until close and enjoy the phenomenal light show. It was both moving (for all those long standing Disney fans out there) and impressive. 

Disneyland Paris was a bucket list item that we saved for and was soooo good it's deserving of its own pictorial post... so here it is, enjoy!

OMG WE'RE AT DISNEYLAND! Yup, we're still just a couple of kids inside he he.

Phantom Manor, the best "Ghost Train" we've ever been on. Never fear we survived the ordeal.

View over Fantasyland.

Jessie and the Army Soldiers from Toy Story. The soldiers were hilarious.

Space Mountain: Mission 2. Not quite as good as Mission 1, but still so excellent L got queasy! 

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